Behind The Story: Titanlord of Death & Sacrifice

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Q: How did it spark?

The entire concept and idea of Titanlord began while I was playing an MMO called Aion. During one of the dungeons (max players of 6), only two of us were active and trying to finish it. This is normal because most players just join it for the EXP gained for just participating. So what happened? Me (a tank) and another (DPS) decided to solo that entire dungeon. Fending off mobs and other players (PVP) until we reached the boss. We were struggling... were attacked on both fronts by players and the boss and we just couldn't last. Eventually, we both fell. All I saw was a timer. 10 seconds until our loss is final, yet moments before, someone from our group had followed us, revived us and just typed "Finish." to which we did. 

The thrill that I got that day inspired me to write the basic outline of what Titanlord would eventually become. Of course, a lot changed to the point where you can't even see the inspiration behind it, but that's just part of the writing process I guess.

Q: How long did it take?

Titanlord was the second book I wrote. Right after publishing Dragon Tooth (my debut novel which took around 5-6 years to finish). The initial draft was done in about 5 months. Not only did I grow as a writer but I believe that the more stories you finish the better you realize: persistence and consistency are better friends than inspiration and motivation.

Q: Favorite character?

My favorite character from book 1 has to be the Red Hand. I remember during the scenes of building up to his reveal, I had only one goal in mind: have the reader go "what the hell did just happen? Isn't he supposed to be the good guy?" and I think that was accomplished. The first scene (I know, Titanlord has been out for a year. Go read it) he literally executes bandits and ends it with "Kill them all" not something you'd imagine a prophesied hero to do. 

Q: Did something change along the way?

Every story I write, no matter how short has a different file called "deleted scenes" which I use a garbage bag. Normally, it's just 3 or 5 pages long but with Titanlord, it was about 50 pages of well established scenes, concepts and ideas that just got altered along the way. The siege of the Citadel most notably. Certain characters were removed (you'll meet them in Book 2) and a certain character -honest to God- changed his own destiny through one scene where I think he became the favorite character of nearly everyone who was disgusted by his foul mouth (Aizeya, you don't scare me anymore). 

Q: Toughest scene to write?

Okay, I won't spoil this. But it's the last chapter "The King in Question" that was one of the toughest things I ever wrote. To make matters worst, read the next answer.

Q: Last scene to write?

The Epilogue. It was always planned that something like that would happen, but coming directly from a scene where it felt an arrow had pierced my heart (sorry) to then do that and have everything catch up was just unbelieavle. I had stayed awake for hours and it was around 5 AM when I wrote that last bit, I immediately texted a few friends to see if they were awake. I guess my voice was shaky which is why they asked "what have you done?" to which I answered "I'm not sure..."  

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